Female Feticide - A big challenge for India

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao,

During the census, we come across gender bias that exists in our society against the female child which shows through many factors health, education, sex ratio etc. Last many centuries a girl child has been considered an unwanted entity and a burden. The discrimination against the female child starts even before she was born and many times results in the form of feticide or even infanticide.

In spite of Government of India’s constant encouragement, equal rights and policies, the women of India had not been able to benefit. The ever-declining child sex ratio had come to an alarming situation when there were 933 girls recorded for every 1000 males. Government and social organizations have put in sincere efforts in changing the mindset of people towards this situation and recently have started showing an upward trend.

The problem had persisted in India and been a serious threat especially in the states like Haryana where the child sex ratio has reached appalling proportions. This has resulted not in a year or two it has been the by-product of decades of preference for the male child. The mindset created due to lack of women empowerment where they were started being considered as a ‘financial burden’ and a male child as an ‘financial asset’ the family name was supposed to be carried out by the male heir and not the female child was perceived as a belonging that would be handed over to someone else. A male child has the duty towards parents whereas the girl child is supposed to look after her husband’s family.

Although dowry is illegal in India still government cannot hinder people from accepting and receiving it. It is another reason behind the male child being more desirable than the female child. The girl’s parents are supposed to contribute towards groom’s family with cash, goods, property etc for the sake that their daughter is going to live in their family.

Yet another most prominent reason which has existed for centuries in India and caused the decline of male vs female ratio was the safety of women. India was invaded so many times by foreigners that people living by the borders of India started killing their own daughter and lately it subconsciously gelled in the psyche of people to prefer male child over the female again subconsciously perceiving her to be a kind of burden.

With changing times and persistent efforts of government and social organizations like Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan, people have started seeing things in a different light. Now women have also come forward and proved their competence in every field and showed the society that women are no less than men in any field. They have caused India to take pride in them and perceive them as a great asset. The society is not going to change in a single day.

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